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Ellis Island Brewery was Voted #1 Brewery in Nevada by the National Brewer’s Association and the Village Pub proudly serves Ellis Island Microbrews at all of our properties!


Style: Light Full Flavored

Alcohol: 4.0%

Our light beer is uniquely handcrafted using 100% natural ingredients: barley malt, rice, the finest American hops and hand selected lager yeast. Due to our unique brewing method, we make the most flavorful light beer you have ever tasted. This beer is great with any food choice and it will not leave you feeling full!


Style: Amber Ale European Taste

Alcohol: 5.0%

Distinctive amber ale that contains a lot of hops with a European taste and a great caramel color. An all around good beer for any food that isn’t sweet, it compliments well with a sandwich or a hearty soup.


Style: Wheat Beer

Alcohol: 5.0%

Made with a larger than normal amount of wheat malt, which produces a clean, rich flavor and brewed in the Bavarian style, which makes it uniquely flavorful. A light effervescent drink with the yeast left in the beer and served with a slice of fresh orange.


Style: Stout

Alcohol: 5.9%

Inspired from English and Irish Stouts, this is a dark beer made with roasted malt and should not be confused with a “bock” beer. Our stout is rich, smooth, malty and has a full bodied flavor. It tastes great with our Chicken Fried Steak or the Barbecue!


Style: American Ale

Alcohol: 5.5%

Golden color and a slight tint of Amber with American hops which gives it big herbal flavors and very little bitterness. This beer has a very smooth finish and pairs well with fried fish or spicy foods; try a pint with our Signature Fish & Chips!

Root Beer

Style: Non-Alcoholic, Caffeine-Free

Delicious: 100%

An old fashioned, all natural, real “brewed” Root Beer. Created with all the care that goes into our ales and sweetened with 100% cane sugar.  This non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated drink is thick and creamy and will remind you of an old-fashioned root beer stand.  Goes great with beef and dessert…we’ll even add a scoop of ice cream for an Ice Cream Float like you’ve never tasted!

Seasonal Specialties

Red Irish Ale
Winter Spiced Ale
American Lager

EI Beer